NEIGHBORHOODS · The first promenade in America. The meeting point for centuries.


Gorgeous Alameda Central is one of the jewels of Mexico City. Take a break and find a moment to appreciate the beauty of this gorgeous park that was the recreational site for the colonial aristocracy. Over the centuries it has acquired character and charm with its fountains, old trees, amphitheater, paths and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, as portrayed by Diego Rivera.

Some of the must-see attractions in Mexico City shape this unique space. Presiding over the Alameda is the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts a jewel Art Nouveau outside, Art Deco inside, with a nice esplanade adorned by sculptures. It is an unofficial meeting place for city residentsthat.

Everywhere you look there are places you must go: to the east of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the architectural whim that is the Postal Palace; to the north, a small square marks the entrance to the Franz Mayer Museum and the National Prints Museum and the Santa Veracruz Temple; to the south, the old Corpus Christi Temple with a beautiful facade and the impressive Memory and Tolerance Museum; and to the west, the Diego Rivera Mural Museum and the novel Laboratorio Arte Alameda.


Barely a block to the south you will find the fabulous Popular Art Museum and, further, the Ciudadela; while crossing Reforma, The monument to the Revolution with a magnificent lookout on top, and the San Fernando Cemetery Museum.

we recommend

  1. Take the tour of the Palace of Fine Arts to learn the history of the unique Tiffany curtain. Visit the extraordinary exhibits. Stop to see the detail of the interior.
  2. Sit on a bench in the Alameda or at the entrance of the Fine Arts Palace and relax watching people come and go.
  3. Go to the view point at the top of the Monument to the Revolution, if possible at sunset when the monument is illuminated.
  4. Buy handicrafts in the magnificent shop of the Popular Art Museum, or find something unique at the San Juan Crafts and Curiosities Market or at the Ciudadela.
  5. Enter the Postal Palace to take pictures of the spectacular staircase and look at the gargoyles and clock outside.

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