NEIGHBORHOODS · The boho-chic neighborhood of the city. La Condesa has always been cosmopolitan, cultured, elegant, modern and street


Not as alternative as la Roma or as sophisticated as Polanco. A bourgeois area, home of established and up and coming artists, La Condesa is a must-visit area to feel the pulse of city life.

La Condesa was the Mexican response to modernity. Few know that Mexico City is the city with the most Art Deco, architecture after Miami and La Condesa is its finest example. At its heart, in Mexico Park and Ámsterdam belt, this artistic movement is present in every detail. Emblematic buildings such as the Edificio Basurto, El Princesa and the San Martín endure and if the visitor is observant, he/she will see thousands of details of this style, popular in the 30s, on walls, lamp posts, signs and fountains.

Here aesthetics are important thus, besides the fascinating urban landscape, interior design, art and design are protagonists of the neighborhood, in vintagefurniture stores, in art galleries, shops and designers' studios. They are also present in the decoration of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that are in every street, because La Condesa is also one of the focuses of the new, increasingly international and cosmopolitan Mexican cuisine. Here, Mexican cuisine and international cuisine coexist in a bohemian atmosphere. If you want to feel like a real Chilango, come to where the mexicans are.

we recommend

  1. Rent a bike from Ecobici to wander through Amsterdam and take pictures, lots of pictures, of the amazing architecture and cityscape.
  2. Stop anywhere to have an organic juice, a latte, a mezcal, or eat a croissant at any time; in short, eat at any of the restaurants.
  3. Visit some of the most iconic art galleries in the city.
  4. Shop in stores of novice designers, antique shops and everything that's on offer.
  5. Spend a night in the best environment.

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