NEIGHBORHOODS · Leisure and business. Green and asphalt. Tradition and modernity. Chapultepec and Polanco complement each other


Chapultepec and Polanco, though antagonistic at first sight, are intimately connected. A string of cultural sites connect Chapultepec, the great lung of the city, with the city, starting at Polanco, the most cosmopolitan neighborhood. Sit on the stairs of the National Auditorium to watch all kinds of people pass by: athletes, buskers, men and women in suits, grandparents with children, intellectuals and families. They all come and they all fit in.

Chapultepec is the great iconic forest of Mexico City. It is the family walk on the weekends. It is the place you go to exercise. The scenery of young love. Kilometers of walking trails, lakes, the Castle, the Zoo, the Fair, jparks and even a cemetery. Surrounding the park the great venues for the arts and culture: the Modern Art Museum, the Tamayo Museum, the National Museum of Anthropology, the National Auditorium and the Luis Barragán house and studio are some of the must-see attractions of the city.

This spirit permeates over Polanco, where streets are named after distinguished personalities of science and the arts. Amongst Californian colonial style houses and modern buildings you will find decoration shops, art galleries, embassies, luxury brands, parks, museums and a great restaurant and cafe scene. On one side of the neighborhood the great towers of the hotel zone stand out and, on the other end, an exclusive shopping area with the most modern museums like the Soumaya Museum and Jumex Museum.

Polanco is a lifestyle and Chapultepec life itself.

we recommend

  1. Walk through the Chapultepec Forest and rent a paddle boat on the lake.
  2. Go to the National Museum of Anthropology, one of the most important museums in the world.
  3. Relax with a coffee on a terrace, reading the newspaper or a book; or browsing around in a bookstore or an art gallery; or enjoying the nice weather under a hundred year old tree in Chapultepec.
  4. Visit the great museums of contemporary art: the Modern Art Museum, the Tamayo Museum, the Soumaya Museum and the Jumex Museum.
  5. Eat in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, located in Polanco.

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