Reforma-Zona Rosa

NEIGHBORHOODS · The very friendly, bohemian neighborhood where businessmen, young people partying, tourists and the curious meet.


The heart of the great Paseo de la Reforma runs between Alameda Central and Chapultepec. When we talk about Reforma, we talk about these places. A huge avenue framed by roundabouts that are symbols of the city: Caballito, The Diana Cazadora, The Angel de la Independencia; plus large office buildings, hotels and restaurants. A place always busy, always full of life and returned to the public every Sunday morning, when this section is transformed into a giant bike path, fitness and leisure space.

The Zona Rosa is on the south side of Reforma, it was one of the most elegant neighborhoods of the city during the rise of Porfiriato. La Zona Rosa has always been a bohemian neighborhood so great Mexican artists have lived here, between its incredible streets, bookstores, cafes, restaurants and antique shops. In recent years the Korean community has settled in the neighborhood, adding a more eclectic touch, if possible, to a neighborhood in itself curious.

For decades, Zona Rosa has been the center of the LGBT community. This friendly neighborhood has nightclubs, cabarets, clubs and discos, plus all kinds of speciality shops.

we recommend

  1. Go on Sunday morning Reforma, rent a bike and join the thousands of citizens who come to stroll down the avenue. You can also do zumba!
  2. After exercising, you can go to the Art Garden, where all kinds of artists selected for the quality of their work exhibit outdoors. Check them out, look and buy.
  3. If you are in shopping mode, do not miss the Insrugentes Crafts Market. You are sure to find something to take home. Opposite Plaza del Angel Antique Center you will find things to delight any lover of antiques.
  4. Stroll along the pedestrian street of Genova, walk through Florencia and Hamburgo, go shopping, have a coffee on the terrace and relax.
  5. Go out one night and have fun in legendary bars and nightclubs of the city. Whether or not you're gay, in the Zona Rosa you are always welcome.

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