San Pedro Atocpan

NEIGHBORHOODS · The capital of mole, the door to the authenticity of the rural world one step away from the metropolis.


San Pedro Atocpan stands for mole. On the streets the scent of spices is breathed, of chocolate. Sweet, spicy, salty. An irresistible combination that is your big day at Feria Nacional del Mole held every year. And in the surrounding villages you can find the most traditional fairs: of pear and livestock in San Juan, of barbecue in San Salvador, and of ice-cream in San Antonio. A place full of delights.

San Pedro preserves the essence of its town, its history and traditions. From the time of evangelization is witness San Pedro Convent, a small Franciscan convent that still retains the charm of its simplicity. The black Christ of corn paste of Santuario del Señor de las Misericordias is well worth a visit, just like San Martin Temple.

But San Pedro Atocpan is also the gateway to a magical rural world where everyday is the Nahuatl language and the nopales landscape. In the surrounding villages visitors can immerse themselves in the experience of a traditional Temazcal, in which the four elements —earth, fire, wind and water— are aligned to achieve spiritual harmony.

we recommend

  1. Strolling through the streets of San Pedro Atocpan, tasting the traditional moles and taking home several types of it to try.
  2. Attend Feria Nacional del Mole and enjoy a party day with exquisite food.
  3. Visit the charming Franciscan convent of San Pedro and discover the remains of pre-Hispanic pottery inside.
  4. Experience the magic of Holy Week and the deep religiosness of this small town.
  5. Take one of the ecotourism routes that are organized from the Milpa Alta municipality, with temazcales, visits to artisans or the nopales landscape.

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