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Xochimilco is chinampas (floating orchards), trajineras (local boats), museums, flower and plant markets, churches, parks and forests. The channels of Xochimilco and the chinampas traditional cultivation system were declared World Cultural Heritage Sites. From 10 different piers over 200 colorful trajineras set out to glide through the channels, sometimes all the way to the chinampas or Island of Dolls. On the way, visitors can eat, celebrate with family or friends, sing with a mariachi or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Few things in Mexico City are as traditional as this.

Buying flowers is part of the Xochimilco experience, as is visiting the town center, with its magnificent Franciscan parish church San Bernardino de Siena or the colorful traditional market.

Art lovers must visit  the Dolores Olmedo Museum, a patron of artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and a key figure in the cultural life of Mexico in the last 50 years.

At the Nativitas Forest you can enjoy the outdoors from a palapa and on horseback. To enjoy nature and learn about conservation go to the the San Luis Tlalxialtemalco forest, the Xochimilco Ecology Park and Michmani Chinampa Eco-tourism Center.

we recommend

  1. Hire a trajinera and go for a ride along the channels of Xochimilco. Itineraries and prices are displayed on the piers. Enjoy the most traditional activity!
  2. When Christmas approaches, come to buy your plants at the Nativitas Forest or any of the flower markets.
  3. In the month before the Day of the Dead, watch a performance of La Llorona from your trajinera in the middle of the lake. Unforgettable. 
  4. The changing of the mayor duomo of Niñopa ceremony is very interesting. One of the longest established traditions in the city.
  5. Go to the market and try the most typical dishes and snacks directly from the stalls. You will discover many new and delicious flavors.

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