10 things you should do in Mexico City

Take 8 hours


If you want to say you were in Mexico City and experienced it like a real Chilango (Mexico City resident), here’s what you have to do.

1. Visit the Historic Center, a World Heritage Site. Stroll from the Alameda to the Zocalo. To round off the day, have a drink on one of the terraces overlooking the Zocalo.

2. Go up the Torre Latino. Because it is the skyscraper with the best panoramic view of the city. Because you won’t believe how big it is until you actually see it. It’s mind-blowing

3. Eat in the street. Tacos de canasta (potluck tacos), guajolotas (a bun with a tamal), carnitas (cubed, fried pork), chilaquiles (fried tortilla drenched in green tomato sauce), pozole (meat stew with hominy), esquites (sweet corn), quesadillas (tortillas with a variety of fillings). Whatever the time of day, look for the places with the longest queues.

4. Take a tour on a tourist bus. If you  haven’t got much time and would like a quick visit, or want to “reconnoiter” before exploring the city, we suggest you hop on a Turibus or Capital Bus.

5. Buy Mexican crafts. The San Jacinto market on Saturdays in San Ángel. The MAP stores carry quality handicrafts. If you like markets, go to La Ciudadela or San Juan.

6. The Museum of Anthropology and Chapultepec. The Museum of Anthropology is world-famous and definitely worth a visit. After you've seen the museum, take a walk through the wonderful Chapultepec Forest. For a perfect day.

7. Try different flavors. Sample pulque at traditional places such as Las Duelistas or La Risa, visit the mezcalerías in colonia Roma or go to Garibaldi, the epicenter of tequila and mariachi.

8. Go to see a wrestling match. You are in the wrestling capital and should experience this quintessentially Mexican show first-hand. Cheer your idols in the ring at Arena México or the smaller, more family-oriented Arena Coliseo.

9. Riding on a trajinera (river boat) On Sundays, make sure you go to Xochimilco for a ride on one of the colorful trajineras or river boats. Food, music and family atmosphere.

10. Cycling There’s a bike rental service so that you can explore the city. Sundays are the best day to ride along Reforma, because it is closed to  traffic and you can sightsee and do exercise at the same time.

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