How to get around

Visitor info · Remember, it may look like it is close on the map...The city is quite large!


Use the Turibus to get to the main sites or check the regular bus lines to go further.

We recommend Vía DF to figure out how to get around using public transportation.


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There are several types of taxis in the city, the most common are white. You can pick up a taxi in any avenue or street in the city. However, we recommend you to to the taxi stop (sitio), or you may identify this taxis by the B card they display on the right-hand side rear window of the vehicle with the driver´s data. You may also find tourist taxis at the airport and top hotels.

Find the location of taxi stops on the map.

Download these apps to call a taxi from your cell phone: Easy Taxi | Yaxi | Cabify | Taxibeat

Metro & train

Choose the best options for you and don´t miss the tourist trams.

We recommend Vía DF to figure out how to get around using public transportation.

Check the subway and metrobus maps.


If you are staying downtown, how about renting a bike? Get your exercise and enjoy the most environmentally-friendly way of getting around the city.

Ret a car

If you know your way around the city renting a vehicle may be a good option for your. Here you´ll find all car rental services available for your convenience. Find the location of car rental services on the map.

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